Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer 60''
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Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer 60''

Heavy-duty 60" dual-cylinder root grapple bucket for skid steers. Ideal for clearing brush, logs, debris, digging roots, and raking.
  • 360kg 794lbs


Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer Description

RAY Grapple Bucket is the perfect attachment for maneuvering bulky objects, general clean-up, and soil work. With its robust construction and user-friendly design, this attachment has become the preferred choice for numerous skid steer operators across different job applications.

Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer Specification

Model Operating Weight Overall  Length Overall Width Open height Closed height L*W*H
Unit Kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches m
60'' 360 794 915 36 1530 60 864 34 502 20 0.9*1.5*0.9
66'' 420 926 915 0 1680 66 864 34 502 20 0.9*1.7*0.9
72'' 475 1047 915 36 1830 72 864 34 502 20 0.9*1.9*0.9

Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer Details

RAY grapple bucket for skid steer
RAY grapple bucket for skid steer loader

RAY root grapple bucket for skid steer loader
root grapple bucket

root grapple bucket-1
root grapple bucket-2

root grapple bucket-4
RAY skid steer grapple bucket package

Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer Features

The skid steers grapple bucket comes with cutting edges that are punched, allowing for the attachment of optional bolt-on blades. This feature enhances the versatility of the bucket, enabling it to handle various materials and surfaces. Additionally, built-in covers are incorporated to protect the fittings from damage, ensuring the longevity of the bucket.

To further facilitate efficient material handling, optional end plates are available. These end plates assist in containing loose materials within the bucket, preventing spillage and improving overall productivity.

The grapple bucket also boasts a wider grapple opening, which allows for a greater capacity to grip and secure larger objects. This expanded opening enhances the bucket's efficiency in clearing brush, logs, and debris from the work area.

Furthermore, the cylinders of the grapple bucket operate independently, providing enhanced control and versatility during operation. This independent operation enables the operator to manipulate the bucket with precision, optimizing its performance in a variety of tasks and terrain conditions.

Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer Video 

Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer Catalogue

2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf

Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer FAQ

1. What does a grapple bucket do?

The grapple bucket (or flat bottom grapple) is mainly used in industrial applications where the work is being done on hard flat surfaces, such as, demolition, recycling and scrap applications. With this grapple, all material is kept in the bucket and scraping to a clean finish can be obtained.

2. What are the different types of grapples?

There are grapple buckets, rake grapples, lumber grapples, fork grapples, and even more, but these are the most common in the handling of forestry products.

3. Can you dig with a grapple bucket?

The grapples can be used in many ways. Depending on the design, they can perfectly pick up branches, brush, logs, boulders and more. They can dig up roots, rocks and small trees. Some models even combine a bucket with a grapple so you can have the best of both worlds.

4. What is a grapple bucket for a skid steer?

A grapple bucket for a skid steer is a heavy-duty attachment that is specifically designed to be mounted on a skid steer loader. It features a set of hydraulic-powered grapple arms that allow for the efficient grabbing and lifting of various materials, such as brushes, logs, debris, and other objects.

5. What are the benefits of using a grapple bucket for a skid steer?

A grapple bucket offers several benefits. It provides enhanced versatility, allowing operators to clear and handle a wide range of materials with ease. The grapple arms provide a strong grip, ensuring the secure transport of objects. It also helps improve efficiency by reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the time required for material handling tasks.

6. Can a grapple bucket dig up roots?

Yes, certain grapple bucket models are designed with tooth configurations that enable them to dig up roots effectively. These teeth are strategically positioned to provide digging capabilities, making the grapple bucket ideal for landscaping and clearing applications where root removal is required.

7. How do I attach a grapple bucket to a skid steer loader?

Attaching a grapple bucket to a skid steer loader typically involves using the quick attach system. This system allows for easy and secure attachment by aligning the attachment's mounting plate with the skid steer's universal mounting plate. Once aligned, the operator can engage the locking mechanism to secure the grapple bucket in place. It is important to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper and safe attachment.

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