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RAY Attachments is a skid steer loader attachments family. Your Integrated Solution Expert.

Mini Diesel Skid Steer Loader

Easy to operation;Kubota engine with good performance;
Stronger power;USA DANFORTH DRIVING motor;Itlay wolff multi -way valve;
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RAY Attachments is a attachments' Family, Your Integrated Solution Expert.

RAY Attachments  

We are a professional skid steers & attachments manufacturer in china, have 20+ years of production experience. We supply Road Maintenance Series, Snow Removal Series, Landscaping Series, Agriculture Forestry & Animal Husbandry Series, Industrial Construction Series, and Skid Steer Loader Series machines. We have 1200+ clients from 85 countries and areas. We sell skid steers & attachments in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc.
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    20 yea​​​​​​​rs production experience

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    More than 1200 customers

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    Products are sold to 85 countries and regions
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Ray can help you to import and send the goods to your warehouse (most area and country)

Ray provide professional solution according to actual project

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RAY Attachments is a attachments' Family, Your Integrated Solution Expert.
Oct 24,2022
Why choose RAY pick-up broom?

RAY pick-up broom is suitable for installation on skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, excavators and other machines.

Feb 24,2022
Why choose RAY skid steer brush cutter?

RAY skid steer brush cutters can be used for effective mowing and removal of grass and lowland bushes which are mounted on both skid steer loaders and excavators.

Skid Steer Planer.png
Nov 17,2022
What is a cold planer and its advantages and how to use it?

RAY cold planers use the most reliable components in the industry, from piston The value and popularity of RAY's skid steer cold planer attachments is becoming more and more apparent as they aid in a variety of jobs. In addition to small milling jobs where larger milling machines cannot be used effectively, cold milling machines are effective tools for repairing asphalt and concrete potholes and frost, cutting curbs, improving anti-slip pavement texture, and removing stripes around culverts and roads. This product is also CE certified.

Nov 04,2022
What is Hydraulic breaker and how does it work?

The Hydraulic breaker is also called a hydraulic hammer or rock hammer. It is a construction equipment that is used for the demolition of a building and breaking rocks or concrete into smaller sizes.

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