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Skid Steer Spreader

RAY Skid Steer is a Skid Steer Spreader manufacturer in China. We have 40'' spreader.

Can you use a spreader for salt?

While you may be familiar with lawn spreaders putting down fertilizer or weedkillers, many can also be used to apply salt and ice melt in winter.

Do you need a salt spreader?

Salt spreaders are one of the best tools for spreading grit and rock salt on driveways, sidewalks, and roads. As helpful as they are, you might not need one for your home.

How much salt should you spread on a parking lot?

Baseline Answer: 2.3 pounds or more per 1000 square feet at 30° pavement temperature for light snow or icing. Now that you have a baseline, you need to remember that weather conditions and the type of salt you use will change how much salt you need. The colder it is, the more salt you need.

How do you attach a spreader to a skid steer?

Locate your quick coupler switch and press towards the engage side. Wait for it to fully engage. It can take up to 10 seconds. The lock pins will now drop into the base of the attachment.

How is the spreader driven?

Driven by hydraulic

What can Spreader suit?

Suits all Skid Steers

What is the use of Spreader?

The Skid Steer Spreader is a custom attachment for a skid steer. It is compatible with all regular, full-size skid steers on the market.

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