Skid Steer Snow Bucket
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Skid Steer Snow Bucket

RAY Skid Steer is a Skid Steer Snow Bucket manufacturer in China. We have 60'', 72'', 84'' snow bucket.

What is a snow bucket?

The Snow Bucket for skid steers is ideal for removing snow from parking lots, roadways, driveways, and much more. 

Skid Steer Snow Buckets are built with two things in mind. They are light enough to allow the operator to pick up a full load of snow but are still built heavy-duty enough to withstand the wear that they will endure over years of use. Haugen has achieved just the right combination of weight and quality materials to bring you an operator-friendly, durable bucket. 

What kind of skid steer can your snow bucket fit?

Bobcat, Euro, Global, John Deere, Koyker, Kubota, New Holland, Westendorf...

What's the feature of the snow bucket?

1) Inexpensive—About half the price of a snow blade or pusher.

2) Simplicity—No chance of hydraulic or electrical failure. Maintenance-free.

3) Multi-Purpose—Can also move light, granular materials such as mulch, grain, wood shavings, and fertilizer.

4) Placement—Able to place snow where needed.

5) Back Drag—Ability to pull snow away from buildings or objects.

6) Visibility—Buckets with pre-cut windows increase visibility.

What width should you purchase?

The attachment width should be wider than the tires or tracks of the machine. The attachment should also have a recommended loader capacity rating that matches or is lower than, the loader operating capacity.

To prevent potential overloading issues, compare the loader's lifting capacity and tipping weight to the weight of the attachment plus the estimated weight of a load. Different materials will change the estimated weight of a load.

How to determine bucket capacity?

The amount of material that a bucket can carry is determined as the bucket's strike (level) capacity and stacked capacity. The stacked capacity is the actual cubic feet. The following formulas are used to determine capacities and will help you compare the capacity of various buckets.

To calculate the cubic feet of a bucket:

1: Measure from the top of the bucket in a straight line to the bottom in inches = Height

2: Measure from the front of the floor to the back of the bucket in inches = Depth

3: Height x Depth ÷ 2 x Width = Cubic Inches ÷ 1.728 = Stacked Capacity (cubic feet)

To calculate the striking capacity of a bucket:

For B, BEL, BELHD, UT, CCT, BEC, MIB and MIBEL series buckets Cubic Feet ÷ 3 = Stacked Quantity + Cubic Feet = Stacked Capacity.

For UTHB, FMX, HCSB, HVMB, CAL and MISLMB series buckets: Cubic feet ÷ 2,5 = Stacked Quantity + Cubic feet = Stacked Capacity

What is the difference of snow bucket and soil bucket?

snow buckets shouldn’t be confused with dirt buckets, which have much less capacity. Snow buckets are taller and deeper because snow isn’t as heavy as soil, gravel or anything else you might move and lift with a dirt bucket. Even though they’re larger, they don’t cause any additional stress on the attachment or machine.

Is a snow pusher better than a bucket?

You'll want to go with a bucket in wet snows on softer surfaces because the elongated bottom will skim better than a pusher. If the snow conditions are dry and the surface of your drive or lot is hard and solid, the pusher is what we'd recommend.

How big is a snow bucket for skid steer?

ModelWeightTotal WidthTotal LengthTotal HeightStorage CapacityL*W*H

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