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Skid Steer Snow Blower

RAY Skid Steer is a Skid Steer Snow Blower manufacturer in China. We have 60'', 72'', 84'' snow blower.

How do you install a snowblower attachment?

Pull out two L-shaped pins on each side of the housing and turn clockwise. Lower the front hoist. This disengages the transport deficiency pins and lifts the snow blower onto the hanger.

What is the difference between a snowblower and a snowthrower?

Snow throwers are more effective for smaller snow accumulations.

Because they are smaller and less powerful than snow blowers, snow throwers are better suited to removing small snow accumulations of up to about 8 to 9 inches.

Will the snow blower work on packed snow?

Heavy, drifting or hard snow requires heavy-duty snow blowers to get the job done quickly.

Can a snow blower remove ice?

Yes, snow blowers can also remove ice, but how effective they depend on the thickness of the ice and the size and weight of the snow blower. Snow blowers need to break the ice into large chunks so that it can be sucked up by the propellers. A larger, heavier, and more powerful snow blower will be able to break through thicker ice.

What's the feature?

1.Heavy duty industrial frame for commercial durability and strength

2.Fully protected hydraulics : Cover over valve block, solenoids, hoses & fittings

3.½” x 6” steel cutting edge is bolt on replaceable and high carbon steel for longevity

4.Side plates and rear main frame are heavily gusseted for heightened durability

5.Engineered for heavy commercial use and long life in the most extreme conditions

What is the size?

ModelOperating WeightOperating WidthOperating HeightWorking PressureL*W*H

Do you need skid shoes on a snowblower?

Two-stage snow blowers contain solid steel augers that can scratch and chip concrete. Therefore, two-stage snow blowers are designed NOT to touch the surface. If your snow blower keeps hitting the surface or throwing gravel stones, the easiest solution is to purchase skid shoes.

How long should a snowblower last?

Snow blowers can last several years, even decades, if they're maintained regularly and correctly. Snow blower maintenance varies based on the type of snow blower you have, either a two stage snow blower or a single stage snow blower.

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