Skid Steer Angle Broom
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Skid Steer Angle Broom

RAY Skid Steer is a Skid Steer Angle Broom manufacturer in China. We have 60'', 72'', 84'' angle broom.

How do you change the brush on a RAY angle broom?

Lower the broom to align with the surface.

1) Remove Hydraulic Motor Assembly. Disconnect hydraulic hoses from the hose clamp so the motor pulls out easily. ...

2) Remove Plates. The core should be free from the brush head. ...

3) Remove Old Brush Sections.

4) Install New Brush Sections.

5) Reinstall Plates.

6) Reinstall Hydraulic Motor Assembly.

Are angled brooms better?

Angled brooms are ideal for sweeping narrow spaces and collecting large particles of the debris before further cleaning or sanitizing. Push brooms work best over large areas, moving heavy debris across an area.

What is the diameter of the brush?

The brusher diameter is 32inch/800mm.

What size do you have?

We have three sizes: 




How it works?

The angle broom is powered by a hydraulic motor that rotates the broom at a continuous speed sweeping any dirt, snow or debris from the machine.  The broom can also tilt in any direction up to a maximum angle of 25 degrees, allowing the operator to sweep material sideways with ease.  Reverse the broom rotation to easily sweep hard-to-reach places.

What is the angle broom?

Sweep a clean path easily and efficiently with the hydraulically operated angle broom attachment. Quick cleaning jobs can be carried out without damaging pavement surfaces.

The broom bristles have a wavy design that offers increased cleaning capacity. These bristles create a cleaner path and can sweep up more snow or debris in a single pass. The angle broom attachment is compact, manoeuvrable and easy to handle. Surfaces of all sizes can be cleaned effortlessly and efficiently, saving valuable time.

Reverse bristle rotation is available on the 68" and 84" angle brooms making it more efficient to sweep leaves, snow and debris away from corners, curbs, buildings and obstacles.  Low operating speeds prevent damage to the cab or machine while the broom is operating in reverse rotation. Standard heavy-duty orange bristles improve bristle life and provide better visibility for the operator.

The reversible angle broom is available for all M and R Series compact track loaders and skid steer loaders, as well as Bobcat Toolcat utility work machines with the 7-pin attachment control kit.

What is the application?

Cleans dirt, dry mud, light snow and other debris

Effective on driveways, pavements, car parks, loading docks, warehouses and more.

What is the feature?

1. Unique floating torsion suspension helps the operator maintain constant and correct bristle downward pressure, reducing excessive bristle wear.

2. Fast wafer changeover time.

3. 25° left and right angle (manual or hydraulic optional).

4. Greaseable bearings for longer life.

5. Hydraulically driven motor (no chains)

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