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Skid Steer Rock Saw

RAY Skid Steer is a Skid Steer Rock Saws manufacturer in China. We have 6"9" rock saws.

What is a rock saw for?

In addition to cutting rock and stone, rock saws are used for edge and concrete cutting, excavation, and demolition, as well as many trenching, trimming, and cable laying jobs. So, in a skilled hand, a rock saw can be an excellent job site tool, adding versatility and reducing costs.

What type of saw can cut rock?

The best stone cutting tool is a diamond saw because of its hardness and cutting precision. Since diamond saws are very expensive, a suitable alternative for cutting gemstones is to use a RAY saw, which provides adequate quality at an affordable price.

Who makes RAY rock saws?

Rock Saw | RAY. RAY SKID STEER OEM solutions offer select machine configurations including bare metal chassis, systems, and OEM components to create purpose-built machines and custom equipment to meet project needs.

What is rock saw?

A rock saw is a skid-steer attachment used to cut non-reinforced concrete and asphalt as well

as other pavement surfaces. One of the many uses for this rock saw is making trenches for laying

plumbing or wiring under existing roads and sidewalks. In addition, the rock saw may be used to

make a smooth edge along asphalt roadways for the addition of cement curbs. This saw is versatile

because it can be powered by a variety of other machines.

What the features?

Stabilizer Feet - Rock saws feature unique stabilizer feet that not only stabilize the saw when cutting at any depth, but also help prevent tearing the asphalt.

Side Flap Outlet - Outlet on the front of the rock saw to control the discharge of material.

Hydraulic Control - Rotary hydraulic control allows precise positioning of the rock saw.

Road Repairs - Large potholes or bad areas can be repaired using a rock saw. Rock saws are used to cut the area to be repaired to provide a solid, clean edge for the repair.

Edge Cuts - Rock saws can be used to make edge cuts along roads and kerbs to replace kerbs or drainage insulation.

Utility Cuts - Easily make crossover utilities with Rock Saw. Make a parallel cut across the street with a rock saw, then remove the center of the asphalt for utility repairs.

What case can be used for?

This rock saw is available in four working models to suit your jobsite needs. With its ability to cut rock, concrete and asphalt, this rock saw can meet all your cutting needs.

Why buy rock saw?

Also known as a wheel saw, a skid steer rock saw attachment cuts through a variety of materials including asphalt, concrete, frozen and hard ground, tarmac, reinforced concrete and the rock. It is a popular attachment for digging trenches to lay pipes and cables of all kinds, as well as for performing a variety of road works. A rock saw gives you a precise cut with minimal damage to the surrounding area, especially compared to air and hydraulic hammers. Additionally, the accessory offers greater versatility and portability, not to mention cost savings, than a dedicated cutting machine.

Styles vary primarily based on depth and width of cut. To choose the right saw attachment, consider the demands of your job as well as the capabilities of your skid steer loader, as each model has its own gpm (gallons per minute) requirements.

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