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About RAY : Your Expert Cold Planer Supplier

RAY SKID STEER is a leading manufacturer of Cold Planer in China. All products' quality is strictly under control from processing to delivery. Through continuous innovation and improvement, the company has got ISO 9001, CE Certifications, and Technical Patents successively. Our products have been sold to widely domestic and overseas customers and long-term partnerships have been developed.

Cold Planer Technical Parameters

 Cold Planer Specifictaion

Model Unit RCP300 RCP400 RCP600
Weight Kg 614 760 964
Lbs 1351 1672 2121
Planing Width mm 300 400 600
Inches 12 16 24
Max Planing Depth mm 110 152 152
Inches 4 6 6
Oil Flow l/min 50-90 50-90 50-90
Gpm 2-3.5 2-3.5 2-3.5
Mpa 16-21 16-21 16-21
of Teeth
Pcs 26 34 42
Drum Inclination Degree 15 15 15

 Cold Planer Advantages

1. The side shift distance is about 700, which can be used to remove roadside roads or obstacles next to it.
2. Shaving behind the drum to prevent dust.
3. The flip cover makes maintenance more convenient.
4. Reasonable structure design greatly improves the efficiency of the planning device.
5. Control and operate the swing, tilt angle, and cutting depth in the cab.
RAY Cold Planer is one of the main equipment for maintenance and construction. It is mainly used for the excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surfaces such as highways, urban roads, airports, freight yards, etc. It can also be used to remove road congestion, oil waves, nets, and ruts. Such defects can also be used to excavate pavement pots and grooves, as well as roughening of cement pavements and milling of staggered surfaces.

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Cold Planer FAQ

  • What are cold planers used for?

    Cold planers, such as this RAY unit, are used to repair potholes and frost heave in asphalt and concrete, cut curbs, texture pavement, and remove pavement around driveways and manholes.
  • Where can use cold planer?

    In addition to small milling jobs where larger milling machines cannot be used effectively, cold planers are an effective tool for repairing potholes, freezing asphalt and concrete, cutting edges, texturing pavements to improve slip resistance and eliminating Lane. Strips and walkways around manholes.
  • How to repair cold planer?

    Adding a water kit to your cold planer reduces dust and can increase life by up to 30% Replace missing picks immediately or it will cause the surrounding picks to wear out much faster Picks must spin freely in their holders or they will wear out faster Choose picks designed for your application; Although there are hundreds of different types of picks, the two most common are "all-purpose" picks which excel in over 90% of applications and concrete picks designed specifically for concrete.
  • What does a cold planer do?

    Cold planing is one of the most detrimental attachments for skid steers and compact track loaders. These tools can gobble up concrete and asphalt, remove road scratches, patch uneven surfaces, cut drainage in parking lots, mill manhole edges, tapered road edges, and clean around larger cutters.
  • Who makes RAY cold planers?

    Cold Planing | RAY. RAY SKID STEER OEM solutions offer select machine configurations including bare metal chassis, systems and OEM components to create purpose-built machines and custom equipment to meet project needs.
  • How much does a cold planer weigh?

    RCP300 - 614kg 1351lbs 300mm 12Inches
    RCP400 - 760kg 1672lbs 400mm 16Inches
    RCP600- 964kg 2121lbs 600mm 24Inches
  • What is a cold planer?

    Cold planers are one of the roughest attachments for skid steers and compact track loaders. These tools eat concrete and asphalt, remove road strips, join uneven pavement, cut drains in parking lots, grind manhole edges, narrow road edges, and clean around large milling machines.

Factory FAQ

  • Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a manufacturer. We have over 19 years of experience in manufacturing skid steers and skid steers. It is the top producer and exporter in the industry.
  • Where is your factory located?

    Our factory is in #5 ChuangSheng Road, Luoyang Industrial Zone, Luoyang town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
    It's near Shanghai port. It's about 1 hour by express train or 4 hours by car from Shanghai to our city.
  • How many days for production delivery?

    Ordinarily, it costs 20-25 workdays for 2x40ft containers. Sample order in 5 days.
  • What are your terms of payment?

    Payment≤20000USD,100% in advance. Payment>20000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance after production completed. Or LC at sight.
  • How about quality control in your factory?

    Raw material inspection-checking drawing before production-inspect the actual size according to drawing-finished product inspection- testing report-package inspection-qualified certification.
  • How about guarantee?

    We provide 12 months warranty, which has a professional after-sales service team to solve your problems within two hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days.
  • Purchase notes

    (1) As the manufacturing factory, RAY Attachments works in international trade and can handle wholesale orders with containers' capacity.
    (2) We aim to find our business partner as our international dealers. 
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