Skid Steer Track Loader RSS1200
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Skid Steer Track Loader RSS1200

RAY skid steer loader compact track loaders with 120HP, high oil flow optional, high visibility and more productivity, good performance, suitable for SouthEast Asia
  • RSS1200

  • 120hp 88.24KW

  • 1500kg 3306.93lbs


Compact Track Loaders Description

Skid steer loader with small size and maneuverability allows them to operate in tight spaces. Their light weight allows them to be towed behind a full-size pickup truck, and the wide array of work-tools makes them very flexible.

Compact Track Loaders Specification


Compact Track Loaders Features

1. Additional space for more operator comfort.

* More confortable cab

* Wider opening door for eaiser machine entry

2. Super configure: Danfoss/Eaton/Rexroth working motor with good peformance.

3. The customized high-strength rectangular steel pipe structure is adopted to avoid welding defects, and the boom has good rigidity and high strength

4. Reinforced drive chain: Using reinforced drive chain, the tensile strength is 20% higher than ordinary chain

Compact Track Loaders Video

Compact Track Loaders-1
Compact Track Loaders-2
Compact Track Loaders-3

Compact Track Loaders Catalogue

Skid Steer Loader Catalogue.pdf

Compact Track Loaders FAQ

1.How much does a mini skid steer cost?

Minimum price is EXW Factory 13000 USD WITH TRACKS, more price list and large capacity and other features with different price.

2.Can I use a mini skid steer to dig?

Mini skid steer loader with same tasks as normal skid steer loader, just the power is not same as the big one.

It can dig a hole, move dirt, use many different atachments for different projects.

3.What are mini skid steers used for?

MIni skid steer loader also can used for excavating, digging and trenching.

It can do many jobs with different attachments: auger, breaker, trenching, 4 in 1 bucket, snow sweeper etc.

4.Can you dig a trench with a skid steer?

Yes, you can use mini skid steer loader for digging, trenching and excavating.It is a good tool for trenching and there are a variety of attachments for different projects according to your requirements.

5.What is crawler skid steer ?

A crawler skid steer is another type of skid steer loader, and it is suitable for soft soil and avoid to get bogged down in the mire.

6.What is the biggest track skid steer?

Ray track skid steer biggest model is RSS1250.

7.What is the smallest skid steer?

Ray track the smallest skid steer loader is RSS830W.

8.Which skid steers have high flow?

Ray skid steer loader RSS875, RSS1000,RSS1250 with high flow.

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