Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer 84"
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Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer 84"

Skid steer vibratory roller 84" width, helps to make the road leveling, roll sandy, semi-cohesive with good performance and saves time.
  • 84''

  • 1231kg 2708lbs


Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer Description

RAY vibratory roller for a skid steer is an attachment designed to compact various surfaces, such as soil, gravel, asphalt, and other construction materials. It utilizes a vibrating drum or plate to apply pressure and vibration to the ground, resulting in improved compaction and stability.

The vibratory roller attachment is typically mounted on a skid steer loader using a universal quick-attach system. It offers the advantage of versatility, allowing skid steer operators to perform compaction tasks in areas where larger rollers may not be suitable or accessible.

These attachments come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various job requirements. They can be equipped with smooth drums for general compaction or padded drums for delicate surfaces. Some models also offer adjustable vibration settings to match different soil conditions and compaction needs.

The vibratory roller attachment for skid steers is commonly used in road construction, landscaping, utility work, and other projects that require efficient compaction. It can be utilized in applications such as preparing a stable base for pavement, compacting trenches, or leveling and finishing graded surfaces.

Operators can control the vibratory roller attachment using the skid steer's hydraulic system. The attachment is typically operated by engaging the hydraulic flow to activate the vibration mechanism and control the forward and reverse movement of the roller.

Safety features such as operator shields and ergonomic controls are often included to ensure safe operation during compaction tasks.

Overall, the vibratory roller attachment for skid steers offers an efficient and versatile solution for compacting various surfaces, making it a valuable tool in construction and landscaping projects.

Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer Specification

Model Operating Weight Drum Width Drum Diameter Vibration  Force Vibration  Speed Drum Inclination L*W*H
Unit kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches Kn Vpm degree m
60'' 872 1918 1530 60 530 21 31 2600 15 0.9*1.7*0.6
72'' 1104 2428 1830 72 609 24 39 2600 15 1*2*0.8
84'' 1231 2708 2140 84 609 24 43 2600 15 1*2.3*0.8

Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer Catalogue

2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf

Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer Video


Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer Features

The vibratory roller for a skid steer is equipped with a hydraulically powered exciter system. This system generates the necessary vibration to facilitate effective compaction. By utilizing hydraulic power, the attachment ensures reliable and consistent performance.

One notable advantage is that the vibratory roller operates at lower temperatures. This helps prevent overheating during extended use and ensures optimal performance and longevity of the attachment.

To minimize vibration transmission, the drums of the roller are isolated from the frame. This design feature helps reduce operator fatigue and provides a more comfortable operating experience. It also prevents excessive vibration from being transmitted to the skid steer loader, contributing to improved stability and control.

The vibratory roller attachment is cost-effective and low-maintenance. It is designed to withstand the rigors of compaction work and requires minimal upkeep. This makes it a cost-efficient option for construction and landscaping professionals.

Furthermore, the attachment is fully supported by readily available parts. This ensures that replacement components and spare parts are accessible, making maintenance and repairs convenient. It helps minimize downtime and keeps the vibratory roller operating efficiently.

Overall, the vibratory roller for a skid steer offers a hydraulically powered exciter system, operates at lower temperatures, minimizes vibration transmission, is cost-effective and low-maintenance, and is supported by a comprehensive range of parts. These features combine to provide a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for compacting various surfaces using a skid steer loader.

•Hydraulically powered exciter system

•Lower operating temperatures

•Drums isolated from frame to minimize vibration transmission

•Cost-effective and low-maintenance

•Fully supported parts

RAY Skid Steer Vibratory Roller-1
RAY Skid Steer Vibratory Roller-2

RAY Skid Steer Vibratory Roller Package
RAY Skid Steer Vibratory Roller Package-1

Vibratory Roller for Skid Steer FAQ

1. Do construction rollers vibrate?

Traditional rollers use weight to push particles like soil, dirt, etc. During this process, the vibrations help the particles bind together better and compact more tightly by "shaking" the particles together.

2. How heavy is a RAY roller?






1530mm   60Inches



1830mm   72Inches



2140mm   84Inches

3. Who makes RAY vibratory rollers?

Vibratory Roller | RAY. RAY attachments OEM solutions offer select machine configurations including bare metal chassis, systems, and OEM components to create purpose-built machines and custom equipment to meet project needs.

4. What can a vibratory roller be used for?

They are typically used to compact granular base layers, and occasionally asphalt, and can be used in deeper locations. They offer more power and better performance than other rollers, but they also generally cost more.

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