Skid Steer Pickup Broom Attachment for Sale 60"
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Skid Steer Pickup Broom Attachment for Sale 60"

Skid Steer Pickup Broom Attachment for Sale 60" width can fit to BOBCAT, CASE, JCB, XCMG, KUBOTA brands with different models. we sold it in Europe, Canada, United States.
  • 60''

  • 420Kg 924Lbs

  • 1520mm 60Inches

  • 660mm 26inches

  • 0.4m³


Skid Steer Broom Description

Pick-up Broom handles heavy duty clean-up in construction, municipal and industrial applications. It features a reinforced Polvpropvlene bristles, a heavier duty cutting edge, additional welds between the cutting edge bolts. This is a bi-directional broom that sweeps forward to pick up dirt in tight areas. The direct-drive bush motor eliminates chains and sprockets, the high strength bucket and intelligent design ensure many years of performance.

Skid Steer Broom Specifiaction

Model Weight Operating Width Brush Diameter Storage Capacity Operation Pressure   Oil Flow       L*W*H
Unit Kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches   Mpa l/min Gpm m 
60'' 420 924 1520 60 660 26 0.4 16 50-90 13-24 1.4*1.7*0.7
72'' 470 1034 1820 72 660 26 0.5 16 50-90 13-24 1.4*2*0.7
84'' 560 1232 2130 84 660 26 0.6 16 50-90 13-24 1.4*2.3*0.7

Skid Steer Broom Catalogue

2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf

Skid Steer Broom Video

Skid Steer Broom Features

* Increased productivity

* Less downtime

* Easy to adjust (no tools required)

* Much higher resale value

RAY skid steer broom-1    
RAY skid steer broom-3    
RAY skid steer broom-2    

RAY skid steer broom-4    
RAY skid steer broom-5    

Skid Steer Broom FAQ

1. What's the Best Skid Steer pickup Broom?

Brooms are essential to many cleanup operations across multiple industries. However, with different types and bristles to choose from, choosing the right broom for future jobs can be a challenge. Use this guide to help you find the best broom for your needs and get the best value after your purchase.

2. What's Skid Steer Pickup Broom?

Brooms perform the task of sweeping dust, snow, and other debris from surfaces. These attachments can do anything from cleaning barns to removing snow from parking lots. Discover hydraulic angle brooms, pick-up brooms, gutter brushes, and more from the best brands in the industry.

3. How do you use a broom to pick up a skid steer?

You sweep forward in the opposite direction of the rotary movement. And that's how it picks up the material. It is caught by the rubber mat at the front. And it goes over it and into the bucket.

4. How does a skid steer broom work?

A skid steer broom has bristles mounted on a tube. With the help of a hydraulic motor, you can turn it in both directions. It works in a similar way to a broom and a shovel. When sweeping in the opposite direction, the cutting edge is placed on the floor so that the bristles can sweep the dust and debris into the bucket.

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