Why choose RAY skid steer brush cutter?
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Why choose RAY skid steer brush cutter?

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RAY skid steer brush cutters can be used for effective mowing and removal of grass and lowland bushes which are mounted on both skid steer loaders and excavators. Ideal for landscaping, agriculture, road maintenance, and park maintenance. It comes with two cutting systems: chains or blades. The chains are used for mowing grass and shrubs in stony conditions. The blades are used for hedge cutting and grass mowing in normal conditions. Both systems are very robust.

RAY skid steer brush cutter application


1. Cutting width - 60'' / 72"/84'';

2. Warranty: 12 months;

3. The large frame of the brush cutter is 6mm thick;

4. The motor guard is 3mm thick; 

5. The hanger plate connected to the customer's machine is thicked to 10mm where it touches; 

6. The above are all Q345 materials;

7. The blade is made of 16mm thick, high-strength and wear-resistant NM400 material.

RAY Brush Cutter for Skid Steer

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