What are the advantages of RAY rake grapple?
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What are the advantages of RAY rake grapple?

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The RAY skid steer rake grapple attachment has a wide bottom lip and acute angle sharp teeth shape, which can keep the load in place and lift heavy or bulky logs with the minimum balance force. When the upper fixture of the unit is in an upright position, the rear stopper of a group of cylinders can avoid jamming. The integrated spring can prevent the hydraulic hose from being squeezed during use. A set of fully lubricated pins and bearings can provide your new sliding steering grab with longer service life and less maintenance requirements.

RAY rake grapple for skid steer (2)
RAY rake grapple for skid steer (1)


We offer products in a variety of sizes and configurations, including the heavy-duty skid steer loader grab version that can handle the toughest lifting tasks and the eco version that performs reliably in storm cleaning and other applications. All products are connected to your equipment through universal slip steering connectors, so as to quickly switch between accessories when necessary - with the shortest downtime.

There are 3 sizes of RAY Grass Grapple, 60", 72", and 84". Feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!

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