Why choose RAY pick-up broom?
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Why choose RAY pick-up broom?

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1 Pick-up Broom Definition
2 Wear parts of Pick-up Broom
3 Pick-up Broom Specification
4 Pick-up Broom Features
5 Pick-up Broom Operation Instructions
6 Pick-up Broom Maintenance Instructions
7 The difference between the backward pick-up broom and the forward pick-up broom

Pick-up Broom Definition

RAY pick-up broom is suitable for installation on skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, excavators and other machines. It can move forward or back to clean the road of dirt and litter. Sites that can be cleaned include: parking lots, sidewalks, docks, warehouses, and ports. And it can put the garbage in the collection bucket and put the garbage in the designated location.

RAY pick-up broom

Wear parts of Pick-up Broom

Among them, wearing parts include brushes, wear-resistant plates and rubber dust-proof skins. Adjust the ground clearance angle during use and clean it. Generally, the wear plate has an angle of 20 degrees with the ground.

Pick-up Broom Specification

We have pick-up brooms in three sizes: 60", 72" and 84". When the skid steer pick-up broom works continuously for 230 hours, the brush can be replaced. Among them, the 60-inch pick-up broom set has 35 pieces; the 72-inch set has 40 pieces, and the 84-inch set has 45 brushes. And the pick-up broom also has 2 buckles to ensure the stability of the pick-up broom.

Pick-up Broom Features

1. Environmental friendly. The pick-up broom can directly collect dust, stones, iron pins, cinders, etc. into the bucket when it is working. The whole process is free of dust and does not pollute the environment.

2. Fully enclosed, small dust, two-way forward and backward operation, high efficiency.

3. Built-in motor. Most motors are embedded to effectively prevent damage caused by bumps, which is beneficial to prolong the service life.

4. Humanized design.Internal and external double bearings; double pedal mechanism, easy to get off.

5. Support diverse styles. It can be made new, and the new one is the same as Carter (the old one is the rounded one, the new one is the bent one).

6. Easy to use. The structure is small, compact, light-weight, easy to operate.

7. Durable. Equipped with a gray canvas around the pick-up broom, durable, with a strong flexibility and industry. Besides, using the polyethylene hollow-diamond wire brush, wear strength greatly improved, and life expectancy increased by 1.5 times. And the motor end designed with anti-winding device, to prevent the wire from winding motor to reduce the service life of the motor.

Pick-up Broom Operation Instructions

1. After starting the host, connect the host quick-change mechanism to the machine pendant, and move the rocker to make the quick-change mechanism and the machine pendant pin dead.

2. After connecting with the loader, the loading arm should be in the floating operating position.

3. Operate the button on the controller to make the brush roller start to rotate. Lower the cleaner to the ground, and then the main engine will move forward while cleaning.

4. In order to reduce the abrasion of the brush, the pressure action of the cleaner should be reduced as much as possible. After using for a period of time, the adjusting bolt should be adjusted to ensure the area of the road surface to be cleaned.

5. In order to make the operation more convenient and reliable, the cleaner should be lowered as far as possible to prevent accidental actions.

6. After the cleaning is completed, raise the pick-up broom tipping bucket to pour out the material.

7. The brush roller runs at low speed and moderate driving speed can better remove the grit on the hard ground. If the driving speed is too fast, it will inflate dust and affect the sight of the operator.

8. The cleaning path should be slightly smaller than the width of the cleaner. If the particles are relatively large, the driving speed can be appropriately reduced.

9. When in use, the collecting bucket angle is less than or equal to 30 degrees, and the tipping and unloading angle is less than or equal to 45 degrees. Remember: Before use, please install the limit block by yourself according to the requirements of the host.

10. When starting and closing the cleaner, it must be in the idling state.

Pick-up Broom Maintenance Instructions

1. After use, the bucket body and brush drum should be cleaned with high pressure water gun.

2. The exposed cylinder rod should be coated with oil/grease.

3. Thoroughly clean all dirt, dirt and grease on the surface.

4. The hydraulic oil pipes, motors, cylinders, and solenoid valve interfaces are covered and sealed.

5. Check the connecting bolts and tighten all loose bolts and nuts.

6. Fill all lubrication points with butter.

7. Replace damaged or obscure marking labels.

8. Brush roller adjustment.

Proper adjustment can make the brush work better. Checking the brush has the following steps:

① Move the cleaner to a flat and dirty ground.

② Rotate the brush roller at low speed to reduce the cleaner to the lowest level, and run it for 10 minutes under working conditions.

③ Raise the high-definition scanner and back up, start the brake, turn off the power source, check the brush roller, the sweeping width of the brush roller should be between 50-100mm, and the length is equivalent to the length of the brush roller.

Tip-In order to increase the service life of the brush, the bolts on both sides should be adjusted as evenly as possible.

The difference between the backward pick-up broom and the forward pick-up broom

1. Working method: The main machine moves backwards when working backwards, and moves forward when working forwards.

2. Appearance difference: the forward type has 2 more wheels and an oil cylinder than the backward type. The forward type can generally be equipped with a side brush, and the backward type is not recommended. At most 1 side brush can be used. 

3. Price: The backward type is relatively cheaper, and the forward type is more expensive than the backward type. 

4. Audience: The domestic forward style is more popular, and the foreign country currently prefers the backward style. The domestic relatively progressive is more popular.

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