What is mixer bucket and what are its advantages?
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What is mixer bucket and what are its advantages?

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1 What is mixer bucket?
2 What to pay attention to when using?
3 Which machines are the mixer buckets suitable for?
4 What are mixer bucket advantages?

What is mixer bucket?

The RAY concrete mixer bucket allows the operator to load, mix, transport, and discharge concrete much faster than the traditional stand-alone mixer and wheelbarrow.  This unit's compact size, when combined with the skid steer loaders, makes it ideal for pouring sidewalks, driveways, footings, small building floors, and many other limited-access locations. The bucket is emptied from the bottom hatch. The Hatch opening is powered by a hydraulic cylinder controlled from the driver's seat. The bucket is also equipped with a flexible emptying tube that mounts on the bottom hatch. This enables the pouring of the concrete further away from the bucket.


What to pay attention to when using?

Just because concrete needs to be hard, doesn't mean that working with it should be. The Self-Loading Skid Steer Concrete Mixer from RAY SKID STEER takes the strain out of producing solid work.

Concrete can be difficult to work with at the best of times, and not having the right tools for the job could end in a poor-quality concrete mix or even messy clean-ups that can set you back for hours. Loading, mixing, and delivering concrete across a work site is made easy with this skid steer concrete attachment.

Mixing concrete has never been so simple with the ability to add cement powder quickly using the in-built bag breaker. With a hydraulic opening at the bottom of the attachment as well as a detachable unloading pipe, you have maximum control over each pour.

This skid steer concrete mixer attachment comes in various sizes to suit your line of work with our largest model is able to mix and transport up to 600 liters of concrete in one load.

Which machines are the mixer buckets suitable for?

Not just for skid steer loaders, this concrete mixer attachment is available to suit your mini loader, telehandler, or excavator. If you're still unsure, give the well-oiled and highly knowledgeable team at RAY some concrete advice on this mixer bucket attachment.

What are mixer bucket advantages?

The RAY Mixing Bucket side unloading unit represents the natural progression of the traditional mixing buckets in central discharge with respect to on-site safety protection. Particular attention has been paid to the design of the mixing bucket which definitely makes it a completely different product from all competitors in the industry. The double mixing shaft, with worn parts, bolted for easier maintenance, allows one to obtain a quality of concrete unmatched quickly and without having to need to reverse the direction of mixing to avoid the accumulation of material on the sides. The new double sealing system and the new coupling system tree-ring transmission together make it possible to mix any kind of maintenance in a short time also on site. Heavy-duty hydraulic motors, now integrated into the upper tube and protected, always allow you to work in any condition providing unmatched torque against the direct transmission. Class 3 hooks bolted to make the same mixing bucket also applicable to different machines. 

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