What is a cold planer and its advantages and how to use it?
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What is a cold planer and its advantages and how to use it?

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RAY cold planers use the most reliable components in the industry, from piston The value and popularity of RAY's skid steer cold planer attachments is becoming more and more apparent as they aid in a variety of jobs. In addition to small milling jobs where larger milling machines cannot be used effectively, cold milling machines are effective tools for repairing asphalt and concrete potholes and frost, cutting curbs, improving anti-slip pavement texture, and removing stripes around culverts and roads. This product is also CE certified.

1 What is the cold planer?
2 What's Included?
3 What machine can be attached to?
4 What's the features of cold planer?
5 What's the warranty?

What's the specification of your cold planer?

7 What's the operation of the cold planer?
8 How it works?
9 What's the application?
10 What should pay attention to during use?
11 Why choose us?
12 What's the performance and versatility?

What is the cold planer?

The RAY Cold Planer range of grippers are available in standard and high flow versions in a variety of sizes. Cold planers can be used for utility closures, treating frost around gutters, restoring pavement drainage, adding pavement texture, and more.

When you're testing equipment on the job, you need accessories you can trust and depend on. Fine tuning and tilt control are made possible by adjustable side slides, while the RAY's large channel makes changing teeth easier (and safer).


What's Included?

*Skid steer loader high flow cold planer attachment

*Universal mounting plate for skid steer

*Hydraulic hose

*Flat coupler

*User manual

What machine can be attached to?

It can be easily and quickly installed on skid steers, backhoes, hydrostatic wheel loaders and excavators with low maintenance costs limited to changing worn tools. The high pressure piston motor is in direct contact with the milling drum, allowing high performance, low superheat hydraulic oil with independent left and right depth adjustment.

RAY skid steer cold planer
RAY cold planer for skid steer

What's the features of cold planer?

*Reliable Sauer piston engine

*Trusted Planetary Center

*High torque, planetary drive

*Reduce vibration to increase productivity

*Huge access cover for easy tooth replacement (faster and safer)

*Double-suspension drum with large bearings provides long-lasting performance

*16"-24" grinding width means there is a model to fit your machine and application

*Fully compatible parts and tooth replacement

*Optional water kit (call for availability)

What's the warranty?

RAY Skid Steer relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on rayskidsteer.com and its representatives. Most accessory products for sale come with a manufacturer's stated warranty against manufacturing defects for at least 12 months from the date of sale. Consumable parts and "wear parts" including but not limited to blades, knives, teeth, oil, sprockets, skids, blade mounting discs, and similar parts are generally not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype" or "finished" are generally not covered under warranty. Review each manufacturer's limited warranty on our warranty page.

What's the specification of your cold planer?

Model Weight Planing Width Max Planing Depth Oil Flow Working 
of Teeth
Drum Inclination L*W*H
Unit Kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches l/min Gpm Mpa Pcs Degree m
RCP300 614 1351 300 12 110 4 60-150 16-40 16-21 26 15 1.5*1.7*0.9
RCP400 760 1672 400 16 152 6 100-180 26-48 16-21 34 15 1.5*1.7*0.9
RCP600 964 2121 600 24 152 6 120-200 31-53 16-21 42 15 1.5*1.7*0.9

What's the operation of the cold planer?

1. After use, the milling hub and shell should be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun.

2. The exposed cylinder rod should be coated with oil/grease.

3. Thoroughly clean all dirt, grime, and grease on the surface.

4. The hydraulic oil pipe, motor, oil cylinder, and solenoid valve interface are covered and sealed.

5. Check the connecting bolts and tighten all loose bolts and nuts.

6. Add butter to all lubrication points.

7. Replace damaged or ambiguous labels.

8. Adjustment of milling teeth Proper adjustment can make the milling teeth achieve a better working state.

Check the milling teeth as follows:

1) Place the milling teeth on the asphalt or concrete floor.

2) Turn the milling hub at a low speed, lowering the milling hub to the bottom. Adjust the side shift cylinder to move to the work area. Adjust the tilting cylinder to press down on the milling hub. Adjust the leveling cylinder to maintain balance with the road surface.

3) Press down the skid steer loader boom to the bottom, slide the front wheel off the ground and press the milling hub with the boom pressure to perform high-speed and large-throttle work.

How it works?

Carbide bits are mounted on the drum and are used to cut and pulverize paving materials. After the material is milled, it exits the planer housing through the rear opening.


Flat skis are used to adjust the angle and depth by moving the left and right skis up and down. The depth gauge is visible from the cockpit to provide a measurement reference for each ski depth. The Bobcat planer has a better view of the skis, so the operator can easily control the path of the planer and machine. Snowboards maintain contact with the surface for a consistent depth of cut, even on uneven terrain.

What's the application?

For heavy-duty planing jobs, including milling transition and repair areas, frost heaves and expansion joints.

What should pay attention to during use?

The first step is to adjust the depth of the cylinder, which is the one that can adjust the depth. Lay the router flat, and the front two wheels are on the ground.

The second step is to step on the accelerator and increase the speed.

In the third step, if the pressure is not enough and the milling machine still vibrates a lot, then the front two tires that are slipping must be lifted off the ground. Relying on the two auxiliary wheels of the milling machine and the two tires behind the slip, these four wheels land on the ground and work forward.

Why choose us?

1. High work efficiency, simple construction process, easy control of milling depth, convenient and flexible operation, good maneuverability, and the old materials of milling can be directly recycled.

2. 1 units can also accept OEM customized service.

3. Delivery time: about a month or so can be shipped.

4. The product packaging is exquisite (iron frame) if the customer needs it, it can also be packed in a wooden box to effectively protect the product from damage.

5. Cost-effective.

6. A one-year warranty service can be provided.

What's the performance and versatility?

*Maximum performance and provide

*Smooth and efficient runtime

*Coupling to all skid steer loaders

*RAY's proven reputation

*Performance, versatility, and reliability

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