Rotary Tiller for Skid Steer 72"
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Rotary Tiller for Skid Steer 72"

Rotary Tiller for Skid Steer 72", the oil flow is 50-125L/min, Pressuare 16-21 Mpa, It can fit to Bobcat, JCB, Kubota,XCMG, Sunward,John Deere, Komatsu etcs.
  • 72"

  • 16l/min 4gpm

  • 300kg 660lbs

  • 1830mm 72inches


Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Description

RAY Tiller for skid steers is ideal for tilling large areas and can handle the roughest terrain including brushy areas, thick fields, etc. 

Rotary Tiller for Skid Steer 72", the oil flow is 50-125L/min, Pressuare 16-21 Mpa, It can fit to Bobcat, JCB, Kubota,XCMG, Sunward,John Deere, Komatsu etcs.

Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Specification

Model Weight Cultivation Depth Width Oil flow  L*W*H
Unit Kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches l/min Gpm m
72'' 300 660 100 4 1830 72 16-21 4-5.5 0.2*1.9*0.2

Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Features

*Universal mount

*Tilling widths of  72″

*Works in forward and reverse

*Double edge replaceable tines

*Does not require high flow

*Tilling depth of up to 4″

*1/2″ skid plates

*Protected direct drive motor with HD bearing nose cone (not chain drive!)

*16 to 21 LPM

Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Video


Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Catalogue

 2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf  

Skid Steer Rotary Tiller FAQ

1.Is there a tiller attachment for a skid steer?

Our Professional Series Tiller attachment is an excellent choice for all your tilling needs. Whether you are tilling a garden or need to mix materials into the soil, our tiller with either 4" for 6" long tines is the right piece for the job...

2.What does a skid steer tiller do?

The Rotary Tiller is an attachment for ground preparation prior to turfing, planting, seeding. Features: Dual rotation with bi-directional tynes. Two position offset mount that covers wheel/tracks and allows tight cut next to obstacles.

3.How do you use a tiller attachment?

You can hook up on the inside. And it works just fine this tiller does have a slip clutch on it so peanut hits a rock or something to slip the clutch instead of share a pen or tear something up.

4.What is the difference between a cultivator and a rototiller?

Cultivators mix the soil, while tillers break up hard soil into pieces. A garden cultivator is designed for regular maintenance tasks on already loosened soil and for working around growing plants. Think of it as a hoe with a motor.


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