Skid Steer Wood Chipper Attachment for Sale 72''
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Skid Steer Wood Chipper Attachment for Sale 72''

The RAY SKID STEER 72'' Skid Steer Wood Chipper is the quintessential add on accessory needed at your home, acreage or farm. Equipped with a direct drive, high torque cycloidal motor and universal skid steer mount, this wood chipper is easy to attach and transfers power straight from your skid steer to the unit through hydraulic.
  • 72"

  • 13-20gpm 13-20/min

  • 520kg 1144lbs


Skid Steer Wood Chipper Description

This chipper has a hinged feed chute that can be removed to make it more compact when not in use. The features a fully adjustable exit chute, oversized rotor, reversible blades, integrated air vents, and a powerful hydraulic system. The blades on the rotor work to eliminate wood that can block or clog the chipper. It does not matter if you need to process trees, brush, or foliage for disposal, break them down for fire kindling, or produce wood chips for landscape and gardening filler. This wood chipper helps you get the job done with ease, leaving no work unfinished.

This exceptional wood chipper is equipped with a remarkable feature—a hinged feed chute that offers the convenience of easy removal, rendering the chipper more compact and space-efficient when not in active use. This ingenious design element allows for seamless storage and transportation, optimizing the chipper's versatility and ensuring it effortlessly adapts to various working environments.

Moreover, this chipper boasts a fully adjustable exit chute, granting users the flexibility to direct the wood chips precisely where desired. Whether you need to disperse them for landscaping purposes, channel them into collection bags, or direct them onto a specific area, this adaptable exit chute ensures optimal chip management, accommodating your specific needs with utmost precision.

In addition to its user-friendly features, this wood chipper is engineered with a robust and oversized rotor. This impressive component works in tandem with its reversible blades to deliver exceptional cutting power. The oversized rotor ensures a consistent and efficient chipping process, effortlessly breaking down even the most substantial pieces of wood with remarkable ease.

Furthermore, the integrated air vents strategically positioned within the chipper facilitate optimal air circulation during operation. This intelligent design feature prevents the buildup of excessive heat, ensuring the chipper's smooth performance and preventing any potential damage that could occur due to overheating.

To further enhance its capabilities, this wood chipper is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system. This hydraulic system provides the chipper with the necessary force and reliability to tackle demanding tasks with utmost efficiency. It ensures consistent and controlled operation, allowing you to effortlessly process trees, brush, foliage, and other organic materials for disposal, or to transform them into fire kindling, or to produce wood chips specifically tailored for landscaping and gardening applications.

The precision-engineered blades mounted on the rotor play a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted operation. These robust blades work tirelessly to eliminate any wood fragments that may cause blockages or clogs, ensuring a seamless chipping experience. With these high-quality blades in action, you can have full confidence in the chipper's ability to tackle even the most challenging materials, leaving no debris unchipped.

Whether you require the wood chipper to handle large-scale tree processing, efficiently manage brush and foliage for disposal, or generate wood chips for landscape beautification and gardening purposes, this versatile machine guarantees exceptional performance, leaving no task unfinished. Its unrivaled efficiency and reliability make it the perfect companion for a range of applications, enabling you to accomplish your work with ease and precision.

In summary, this wood chipper embodies a fusion of innovation, efficiency, and practicality. With its removable hinged feed chute, adjustable exit chute, oversized rotor, reversible blades, integrated air vents, and powerful hydraulic system, it stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of wood chipping machinery. Regardless of the task at hand, this wood chipper is designed to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring that no work remains unfinished.

Skid Steer Wood Chipper Specification

Model Weight Maximum Crushing Diameter Length Width Height Operation Pressure Oil flow L*W*H
Unit kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches Mpa l/min Gpm m
72'' 520 1144 75 3 1500 59 1800 71 1800 71 18-21 50-75 13-20 1.5*1.8*1.8

Skid Steer Wood Chipper Catalogue

2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf

Skid Steer Wood Chipper Video

Skid Steer Wood Chipper Features

● Connects to Skid Steers quickly and easily.

● Heavy duty steel frame and chipper body for long-lasting durability

● Chips 3-inch diameter timber

● Hopper pins up and out of way for more compact & convenient storage

● Includes hydraulic hoses with male and female flat-faced couplers

● Available colours

Skid Steer Wood Chipper-1

Skid Steer Wood Chipper-2

Skid Steer Wood Chipper FAQ

1. What is the point of a wood chipper?

A tree chipper or wood chipper is a machine used for reducing wood (generally tree limbs or trunks) into smaller woodchips. 

A skid steer wood chipper is a powerful attachment designed to be mounted on a skid steer loader. It is used to chip and shred wood into small pieces, making it easier to handle and dispose of.

2. How big of a branch can you put in a wood chipper?

RAY wood chipper can handle material with a diameter of up to 3 inches. 

3. What is the most common feature of Wood Chippers?

The most common feature of Wood Chippers is self-feeding.

4. What can a wood chipper do?

Turn your skid steer into a mobile workstation. This attachment is ideal for commercial, residential, orchards, golf courses, etc., any place where you need to turn a pile of branches into a pile of chips. Easily placed into backyards and remote areas without creating damage to yards.

5.How does a skid steer wood chipper work? 

The skid steer wood chipper is powered by the hydraulic system of the skid steer loader. It features a rotating drum or disc with sharp blades that cuts and chips the wood as it is fed into the machine. The chips are then expelled through a chute or discharge spout.

6.What size of wood can a skid steer wood chipper handle? 

The size of wood that a skid steer wood chipper can handle depends on its capacity and design. Generally, they can handle branches and logs with a diameter ranging from a few inches to a foot or more.

7.What are the benefits of using a skid steer wood chipper? 

Using a skid steer wood chipper offers several benefits. It helps you efficiently clear and dispose of wood debris, making it ideal for landscaping, forestry, and construction projects. It also allows you to repurpose the wood chips for mulching, biomass energy, or other uses.

8.Can a skid steer wood chipper be used for other materials besides wood? 

Most skid steer wood chippers are specifically designed for processing wood. Attempting to chip other materials, such as rocks, metal, or plastic, can damage the machine and pose safety risks. It's important to use the chipper only for its intended purpose.

9.Are skid steer wood chippers easy to attach and detach? 

Yes, skid steer wood chippers are typically designed for quick and easy attachment and detachment to the skid steer loader. They often use a universal attachment interface, such as a standard skid steer coupler, to ensure compatibility with different machines.

10.What maintenance is required for a skid steer wood chipper? 

Regular maintenance for a skid steer wood chipper includes cleaning the machine after each use, inspecting and sharpening blades as needed, and checking hydraulic hoses and connections for any leaks or damage. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is crucial for proper maintenance.

11.Can a skid steer wood chipper be operated by anyone? 

Operating a skid steer wood chipper requires proper training and knowledge of safety procedures. It is recommended to have operators who are familiar with skid steer loaders and have received proper training on the specific wood chipper model.

12.Are there safety precautions to consider when using a skid steer wood chipper? 

Absolutely. Safety is paramount when operating a skid steer wood chipper. Operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses, ear protection, and sturdy gloves. They should also follow safety guidelines for feeding the wood into the chipper and avoid reaching into the machine while it's running.

13.Can I rent a skid steer wood chipper? 

Yes, skid steer wood chippers are commonly available for rent at equipment rental companies. Renting can be a cost-effective option if you have a short-term need for the machine. Just ensure that you are properly trained to operate it or hire an experienced operator along with the rental.


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