Standard Duty Bucket for Skid Steer 84"
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Standard Duty Bucket for Skid Steer 84"

Skid Steer Standard Bucket 84" clean clay, rock or other material quickly and easily. It can fit Bobcat, JCB, Kubota, XCMG, Sunward, John Deere, Komatsu etc.
  • 84"

  • 320kg 704lbs

  • 0.5m³


Skid Steer Standard Bucket Description

RAY Standard Bucket offers great durability and reliability, great for moving large volumes of loose material, including snow, and for cleaning bedding and manure removal in stalls or barns on the farm or at event facilities, and all models come as standard with a bolt on, reversible toe plate.

Skid Steer Standard Bucket Specification

Model Weight Total Width Total Length Total Height Storage Capacity L*W*H
Unit Kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches m
60'' 240 528 1530 60 812 32 508 20 0.34 0.9*1.5*0.6
72'' 280 616 1830 72 812 32 508 20 0.42 0.9*1.9*0.6
84'' 320 704 2140 84 812 32 508 20 0.5 0.9*2.2*0.6

Skid Steer Standard Bucket Features

*The universal Quick Hitch mounted bucket can be attached to a wide variety of machines.

*60", 72", and 84" Widths available

*Utility Bucket available in standard and heavy duty options

*Designed for dense and bulk material loading

*Edges designed to accept bolt-on and serrated edge additional options

*Heavy Duty model features reinforced top bracing, extra wear bars, and an additional interior brace plate

*Optional edges extend the life of your bucket

*Optional teeth

*Optional color

Skid Steer Standard Bucket Video


Skid Steer Standard Bucket Catalogue

  2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf 

Skid Steer Standard Bucket FAQ

1. How do I choose a skid steer bucket?

First, you need to evaluate the weight and capacity. Second, confirm the application the bucket will be used in, the density of the heaviest material. Last, make sure the easy attachment changes are available, such as bucket accessories and coupling system options. 

2. What are the different types of skid steer buckets?

Here are seven types of bucket types and their uses:

1) Standard Bucket

2) Rock Bucket

3) Skeleton Bucket

4) 4-In-1 Bucket

5) Mixer Bucket

3.How much weight can a skid steer bucket hold?

Depending on the operating capacity, more capacity, more material the machine can lift. Not only important to know for operating with skid steer buckets but also any attachment.

4.What size bucket is on a skid steer?

In most cases, the common size is 60", 72", 84".

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