Agriculture Forestry & Animal Husbandry Series
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Agriculture Forestry & Animal Husbandry Series

RAY SKID STEER Agriculture Forestry & Animal Husbandry Series including skid steer mulcher, grapple bucket, rake grapple, pallet fork, brush cutter, bale squeeze, rotary tiller, and manure pusher.

The Agriculture, Forestry & Animal Husbandry Series comprises a diverse range of specialized equipment designed to assist in agricultural, forestry, and animal husbandry tasks. These attachments are specifically designed for use with skid steer loaders, offering versatility and increased efficiency in various applications related to farming, forestry, and livestock management.

Skid Steer Mulcher:

The Skid Steer Mulcher attachment is a powerful tool used for land clearing and vegetation management. It features a rotating drum with sharp teeth that effectively mulch trees, brush, and vegetation. The mulcher attachment is commonly used in forestry and agricultural applications to clear land, maintain trails, and manage overgrown areas.

Skid Steer Grapple Bucket:

The Grapple Bucket attachment is designed for handling and transporting various materials on the farm or in forestry operations. It features a grapple mechanism that securely grabs and holds objects such as logs, rocks, and debris. The grapple bucket attachment enables efficient loading, unloading, and transport of materials, enhancing productivity in agricultural and forestry tasks.

Skid Steer Rake Grapple:

The Rake Grapple attachment is specifically designed for clearing and raking debris, such as fallen branches, leaves, and rocks. It features a combination of a rake and grapple mechanism that allows for effective debris collection and removal. The rake grapple attachment is commonly used in agricultural and forestry applications to maintain clean and hazard-free environments.

Skid Steer Pallet Fork:

The Pallet Fork attachment is essential for handling pallets and other heavy loads in agricultural and livestock operations. It features fork tines that can be easily adjusted to fit different pallet sizes. The pallet fork attachment enables efficient lifting, carrying, and stacking of palletized materials, making it indispensable in farm and ranch settings.

Skid Steer Brush Cutter:

The Brush Cutter attachment is designed for cutting and clearing dense vegetation, thick brush, and overgrown areas. It features a powerful rotary cutting head with sharp blades that can efficiently handle tough vegetation. The brush cutter attachment is commonly used in agricultural and forestry applications to clear land, maintain fence lines, and create firebreaks.

Skid Steer Bale Squeeze:

The Bale Squeeze attachment is specifically designed for handling and stacking bales of hay, straw, or other agricultural materials. It features hydraulic arms that securely grip and squeeze the bales for safe transport and storage. The bale squeeze attachment enables efficient handling of bales, improving productivity and reducing manual labor in livestock and agricultural operations.

Skid Steer Rotary Tiller:

The Rotary Tiller attachment is used for preparing soil in agricultural and gardening applications. It features rotating tines that break up and till the soil, creating a fine seedbed for planting. The rotary tiller attachment is commonly used to loosen compacted soil, mix in organic matter, and promote optimal soil conditions for crop cultivation.

Skid Steer Manure Pusher:

The Manure Pusher attachment is designed for pushing and clearing animal waste in livestock and agricultural settings. It features a large blade or scraper that efficiently pushes manure and other debris, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in animal housing areas. The manure pusher attachment improves waste management practices and helps maintain a healthy environment for livestock.

The Agriculture, Forestry & Animal Husbandry Series offers a comprehensive range of attachments that enhance productivity and efficiency in farming, forestry, and livestock management. Whether it's mulching, grappling, raking, lifting, cutting, stacking, tilling, or waste management, these skid steer attachments provide reliable performance and improved capabilities in various agricultural and rural applications.

Our attachments work with most brands of skid steers including Bobcat, Caterpillar, Deere, New Holland, Case, Gehl, JCB, Kubota, Mustang, and Volvo.

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