Rock Bucket for Skid Steer 72''
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Rock Bucket for Skid Steer 72''

The RAY SKID STEER 72'' Rock Bucket is designed to quickly remove both rocks and large debris from aggregates such as soil, sand, and more. This all steel skeleton bucket is ideal for construction, landscaping, agriculture, and scrap handling It features a universal quick attach that works on almost all skid steers.
  • 704lbs 320kg

  • 72inches 1889mm

  • 0.42m³


Skid Steer Rock Bucket Description

The Rock Bucket Attachment from RAY is a strong, durable and reliable rock bucket that can be put to a multitude of uses.  Excellent for the transport of rock, logs, branches and firewood, the rock bucket allows you to pick and lift what you need, while leaving dirt and soil behind.

Skid Steer Rock Bucket Specification

Model Weight Total Width Total Length Max flow Max Pressure Max Frequency Max Exciting Force Storage Capacity L*W*H
Unit kg Lbs mm Inches mm Inches L/min Mpa Hz Kn m3 m
60'' 280 616 1584 60 812 32 70 20 12 1.5 0.34 0.9*1.5*0.6
72'' 320 704 1889 72 812 32 70 20 12 1.5 0.42 0.9*1.9*0.6
84'' 360 792 2195 84 812 32 70 20 12 1.5 0.5 0.9*2.2*0.6

Skid Steer Rock Bucket Catalogue

2022 RAY Skid Steer Attachments Catalogue.pdf

Skid Steer Rock Bucket Video


Skid Steer Rock Bucket Features

*Durable, multi-purpose bucket for skid steer loaders

*Sift through dirt and material to remove rocks

*Works great as a land plane or for light clearing

*Move rocks, firewood, branches logs and more while leaving dirt behind

*Excellent at raking and smoothing ground and soil

RAY Skid Steer Rock Bucket-1
RAY Skid Steer Rock Bucket-2
RAY Skid Steer Rock Bucket-3

Skid Steer Rock Bucket FAQ

1. What does a rock bucket do?

The rock bucket is designed to pick up boulders and rocks and still allow the dirt to fall through the bucket, so you're only removing the rock, you're not removing any of the earth.

2. How do you lift a bucket on a skid steer?

The ground then brings the top edge of the skid steer loader into the bucket. Once that's in place then simultaneously crowd your bucket back and drive the skid steer loader forward into the bucket.

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